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Approximately 4 years ago, three weary Clan Scotland members decided to go it alone and create their own gaming clan with the express purpose of having a friendly environment in which to play their Battlefield:Bad Company 2 (and later BF3 then BF4) this was to be a place that boasted fair game play, allowed no racism or stereotyping of members and had a continual evolution toward a democratic and easy on the ears clan. 

Men At War was born – founded by Tam, Wullie and Pedro,  Men At War quickly became a hive of silly Cunto’s that enjoyed chatting merrily away on their own Teamspeak3 server whilst playing games until the wee hours of the morning. 

Now they cannot be described as the best team playing clan in the world, yup they have some real good players, but some are just as good at being shite, but the important thing is, they have a laugh while doing it, so if you fancy being a silly cunto and having a laugh, but playing fairly then get ur wee ass over here and apply now ffs!!


Admin – June 2014


TS3 Server